A long long time a gala-NO!

Me and some other T-Games Members (Lion, Chunky, Mario, Liam) created a Jungle Village in the old Minecraft server

It was quite a big thing for T-Games in Minecraft (and T-Bit), but, although I've talked about it a lot, I never officially added it to the 'T-Games Scrapped and Retired Stuff' page on the T-Games Website.

Welp, now I have - and I've also added lots and lots of lovely pictures of it for you to feast your eyes upon. (Scroll down all the way to the bottom, and it's the one above L-Movies).

Sidenote: I've also uploaded some never-before-seen development pictures of The T-Games Enterprise. Check 'em out here: (it's pretty cool to see how progress was made).

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