These are some pages whereby some of the information is incorrect, outdated or the format of the page could be improved. This is simply a list for reference so that it doesn't slip. Sidenote: I've made it so that anonymous users can no longer make changes to the wiki - they have to be logged in.

  • The NeXT Generation - Outdated information regarding updates in sidebars. Console information can now be seperated into seperate pages.
  • GameExpo - Information can now be seperated into seperate pages.
  • Medius - Some incorrect information and bad syntax.
  • Console Engines - Needs clearing up and replaced by a simpler model.
  • Console Hub Statistics - Needs Updating
  • Console Timeline - Needs Updating
  • Evergreen Park - Bad syntax, information can now be seperated into seperate pages.
  • Fun Machine - Format Updates like other console pages, seperate Sub-Consoles from Updates. Remove 'Features', make Sentience its own section within the article.
  • Homepage Poll Results - Pretty much a redundant page now that we haven't been archiving the poll results for the past few months, and there is no way to get that information back. Needs consideration as to what the future of this page should be.
  • List of Associates - Needs updating
  • List of Developers - Needs updating and better information display.
  • Nathan S. - Information needs updating as none of his projects have come into fruition at all.
  • Slave 001 - No information regarding Tremors, and what is the status with Scarily Sentient?
  • Scarily Sentient needs its own page.
  • Tremors needs its own page.
  • T-Games Adventures - Incredible outdated information with bad syntax and too many dead links.
  • T-Games Network - Outdated information.
  • T-Tokens - Outdated information.

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