As many of you should know, T-Games' website is currently

However, a few years ago that was not the case. Before we moved over to, we were on

Even though we have fully ported to the new weebly server (and have been there for just over 2 years), the old website is still up and running, and has been doing so ever since the change-over.

However, since all of the information from the old website was ported over to the new website and updated thoroughly, we disabled access to all of the other pages on the old website... until now.

Today, on the 14th of June 2014, I applied an update to the old T-Games website - the first update to be applied to that website for 2.5 years. This new update has not only refreshed the home page to have some more welcoming text, but also includes an archive.

The archive isn't too big (8 pages), but it allows access to all of the (original, completely unedited) pages that were originally made unavailable - not touched since we moved to the new site.

So, there you go! Lavish in the sea of outdated content, unprofessional writing and hilarious typos!

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