Hey all!

As you probably know, my old account was TardisBill. In mid-2014 I made the switch to BillyAnderson9 for PlayStation 4 and have been using it ever since (apart from November 2014 to publish 'Traffic Panic!' on TardisBill and for various other archive reasons).

Well, today I published a new level on TardisBill. That's right - and it's not a "I've moved over to BillyAnderson9 now" level either.

The level is titled 'The TardisBill Level Archives' and is pretty much what you'd expect. On my TardisBill Earth there are five levels that are not accessible via normal play. Either they were made into sublevels to give the impression that they had been deleted, are LBP1 exclusive or have just been made redundant. These levels are:

Title Published Reason for inaccessibility
Music Maker. Ver 3.3 2010 LBP1 Exclusive
GameMakes-Portable Cartridge-Based Gaming Machines - Tutorial 2011 Removed 2011
The T-Games GameExpo - LittleBigPlanet's First Gaming Machine. 2011 Removed 2015
Push The Button! [2+ Players] 2011 Removed 2014
No Longer Using TardisBill! New Account: BillyAnderson9! 2014 Removed 2015

All of these levels are now accessible via this level on the TardisBill Earth. I ask you to please respect the original levels and not publish a new review. Enjoy!

You can access the new level here

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