So, recently my laptop has been experiencing a lot of issues.

Right now I've managed to get it running... after 7 hard-resets and 11 failed attempts.

It keeps turning off, freezing, having run-time errors, crashing, glitching out and other stuff. It struggles to even turn on :/

Right now it's fairly stable, the only thing brining it down at the moment is the horribly slow speed and...well...this:

Capture the moment it can't quite decide as to whether it wants to be Windows 7 or some weird Windows 95/Windows 7 hybrid...(the menus & documents etc look really weird).

I believe it's nearly at the end of it's life - so I just thought I'd tell you guys I've backed up all of the important stuff (All of the T-Games files + Important personal stuff) onto some USB Flash Drives and SD Cards (Weirdly, all of my important stuff that I don't want to loose including the T-Games files adds up to less than 5GB).

So yeah, I'm hopefully getting a new laptop soon (which will almost definitely rule out the possibility of getting the PS4 on it's launch day as I had originally hoped to do *sad face*.

I'm looking at getting a laptop with Windows 8 - but the only decent laptops that I can afford right now aren't touchscreen (and I heard that sucks if you have a Windows 8). I have no idea :P Any help?

UPDATE: My laptop (after having a lot of crashes) decided that it needed to do a disk clean :P So it did, and then the glitches and crashes stopped - however it was still extremely slow. But, now that I've done a Disk Defragmenter, it's running a bit faster :D

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