Okay, so since this isn't an official T-Games post, it means it can change at any time and has not yet been 100% decided on, but here are my current plans for NeXT, GameExpo and SoundWave for this year:

GameExpo & SoundWave

First things first, the SoundWave's discontinuation dates are going to be brought forward by a long stretch. I'm talking mid-late February. It was a good console at first, but after a while the awe of the SoundWave faded -- and the NeXT MP3 laughed in its face.

I will try to add the few features the SoundWave had that the GameExpo III didn't onto the GameExpo III, but I still want GameExpo III to be focused on Gaming.

The NeXT Genururshunn

The NeXT will undergo several changes, the main one being:

The NeXT Ubique will have it's own UNIQUE level! Yaaay!

This is also one of the reasons why SoundWave will be leaving us - to make space for the Ubique! I'm doing this to help shift the focus of NeXT Ubique to a main priority - along with the NeXT itself, since the NeXT Ubique does indeed have a lot of potential.

Angel Cake is still under development, and will probably be released at the same time as the two-for-one update.

NeXT Ubique will probably remain NeXT Ubique (instead of NeXT MaX), however NeXT Shadow and MP3 will go through a re-branding.

The Hub for NeXT Ubique will also be a completely new design, unlike all other T-Games console hubs. It will also be the first console hub to not be casually set on a flight-deck of the Nightstar (which means, like all other T-Games levels, it will be in a Nightstar Studio - like SkyWheel, Push the Button, Tap That!, Evergreen Park, etc).

That's all for now, please leave your thoughts in the comments!

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