I thought this would be fuuuun.

Big logo

This was the first attempt at creating a profile picture for T-Games online. It's important to note that at this time (pre-2012) the LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack had not been released, and as such, the logo was displayed on hologram and the centre was made transparent. This image was taken in LittleBigPlanet 2 against a black background which was then (badly because of all the artifacts, hence the heavy blurring) chroma keyed out and placed on that blue gradient background.

I had completely forgotten that for over a year the T-Games Logo contained no black, but was simply blue and transparent.

Transparent Logo Good

This was the first proper T-Games logo uploaded to the wiki site in July 2013. It was created using stickers and sticker panel in LittleBigPlanet 2. I then took a picture of it against a red background, uploaded it to and chroma keyed out the background and enhanced the colours. This is the result - a low quality, badly cropped image with many artifacts. This is an extreme upgrade to the previous image - the colours pop more and the image is clearer, however this is still not a professional look.

Transparent Re-Rendered logo

This was referred to as a 're-rendered' logo at the time, but in reality it was created from the ground up by TheDarkness909 in microsoft powerpoint - a tool used to create most T-Games logos up to 2016.

Fun fact: The black star in the middle of this logo is actually not symmetrical, with the blue border of the logo in the top-left of the image being slightly thicker than the border in the bottom-right.

Transparent Light Re-Rendered Logo

This logo was called our 'secondary' logo for quite some time, whilst the previous one acted as the primary one. This logo wiggled its way into the T-Squad logos, as well as being in the banner for the website. As you can see, the image is not clear at this scale, but this was only presented in smaller sizes at the time (and as a result, seemed clear).

This logo was introduced as I was looking to shake things up with our design a little bit. I believed our logo was dull and unoriginal - literally using assets we didn't make from another game. Therefore it's no surprise that after only a couple months of using this logo, we rolled out the following...

T-Games no text

Wham. Solar arrived, and brought a whole new logo to the team after almost 2 and a half years. Not only was the logo high-quality and of a professional standard, but it also changed its colour scheme and altered its design for different services, such as the T-Games Wiki, T-Pods, T-Tokens and T-VIP.

This logo eventually ended up being used as the primary logo for the team longer than the original logo, just about - after it was replaced in late 2015.

T-Games White Bold Logo

After sticking with Solar phase one for quite some time, I decided it was time for a little bit of a change. I made the border the same colour as the T in the centre (as the border was the same colour as the middle feature for most other T-Games logos), and also made it a little bit thicker.

In the process I also changed the middle of the logo to be white, to reflect the lighter tone I wanted to portray. However, although I appreciated the change at first, I still wasn't happy with this logo. As a result, Solar phase one remained as the LBP-themed logo, whilst this logo stayed exclusively online. This logo was introduced as being 'experimental', and it was pretty much exactly that. It was almost as if to be a placeholder until the next phase came along.

Multicolour 1

Spectrum! Wham! A whole new design palette - we are no longer limited to the bright, cold, electric blue of before, and are really pushing the concept of creativity and diversity, as well as fun. You'll also noticed I decided to revert the border thickness back to the Solar phase one design.

It's also important to note that this is the first primary logo not created in powerpoint since 2013, and was almost entirely created from scratch - only porting over the 'T' from the previous design. Solar phase one is still used as the logo within LittleBigPlanet, but not for long...

SO yeah! Not so brief I suppose, but thought it would be fun to go through the development of the T-Games logo. What are your opinions on the different stages?

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