According to weebly's statistics, on the 16th of February this year, the T-Games website hit just over 90 unique page views - the 3rd highest amount of unique visitors to visit the page in one day ever.

In second place we have the 30th of August 2013, with 110 unique views.

And in first place we have the 9th of April, with 137 unique views.

The T-Games website's unique daily view count usually ranges from 4 and 30, so to have more than double that in a day is amazing.

So yeah, just thought I'd let ya know :3


Weebly View count

For comparison, the highest view count for the U-Music website was on the 9th of June 2013, and hit 67 unique visitors. However, U-Music usually gets about 0-4 unique views a day.

The highest T-Squad got was 79, and was on the 17th of June 2013, and usually gets 0-3 a day.

The highest L-Movies got was 6, and usually gets 0. Lel.

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