2017 Teaser
The Tri-Expo 2017 promotional banner
Genre Gaming
Previous Event Tri-Expo 2016
Organised by T-Games
Trixel Creative
Filing Status Non-profit

Tri-Expo is an annual online presentation presented by T-Games and Trixel Creative whereby announcements, teasers and gameplay demos for upcoming content are presented. 

Tri-Expo is usually held in Q4, with the most recent event, Tri-Expo 2016, taking place on December 18, 2016 and the upcoming event, Tri-Expo 2017, planning to take place in October or November 2017.

List of Tri-Expo EventsEdit


On July 8 2014 at 2pm GMT, T-Games had previously held a 'T-Games Conference' whereby new projects were announced and screenshots and a trailer was presented. The format was very different to Tri-Expo as the event was presented formally with Billy Anderson setting up a camera in his house with Logan B. also attending via a video call.

The T-Games Conference flopped and failed to create a substantial impact on the community as well as being unprofessionally managed and presented due to lack of a rehearsal. It did, however, interest Trixel Creative founder Halston S. and in late 2014 he proposed that Trixel Creative and T-Games present a conference together. The name 'Tri-Expo' was decided upon almost instantly and coined by Anderson. Anderson also decided that Tri-Expo should not feature any live segments and that all content should be pre-made as a result of the unprofessional look of the T-Games Conference.

Promotion for the first conference started in July 2015 and lasted until the broadcast in October 2015.

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