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The TBS Nightstar IV


The Nightstar III

The TBS Nightstar is the name given to the Space Station where all T-Games Staff are usually located, the other place being the Oasis Moon Base.

The Nightstar itself is property of NASA, however as the Nightstar became outdated, T-Games was allowed to move in, eventually spreading the franchise across the whole ship.

The Welome Deck (Flight Deck 1)Edit

The Welcome deck is the entrance for the General Public to enter the Nightstar. It is located to the far right of the Station, below the Bridge (where the station is piloted). The levels 'T-Games Nightstar Flight Deck 1 - The Welcome Deck' and 'Tremors Part II "All Aboard!" take place in the welcome deck.


The Flight Decks are located around the outside of the TBS Nightstar, and are purpose-built for smaller levels, primarily console and accessory hubs.

The Core Decks are located within the centre of the ship, and consist of the laboratory complex and T-Games staff mansion.

Deck Level(s) Notes
Flight Deck 0 The T-Games Fun Machine - A Unique, Innovative Gaming Platform.
  • Contains 5 floors
Flight Deck 1 T-Games Nightstar Flight Deck 1 - The Welcome Deck
Flight Deck 46 Section A: GameExpo Floor (2011-2015)

Section B: NeXT

  • Split into sections A and B
  • Each section contains 4 floors
Flight Deck 47 The T-Games NeXT Audio - A Streamline, Easy-To-Use Music Player
Flight Deck 48 The T-Games NeXT Ubique - The Media Player with No Limits
  • Used as a tube launcher to the exo-planet of Exilia
Flight Deck 121 GemWay's LBP3 Hub. Get some stuff here!
Flight Deck 254 "Scarily Sentient" Cutscene 1 Episode 1 - It Was A Regular Day

"Scarily Sentient" Cutscene 1.5 - Bonus

  • Extremely fortified
  • Used as a temporary development site for Fun Machine
Flight Deck 255 GemWay's Console + Accessory Hub. Get everything here!
  • Contains 3 floors
Flight Deck 256 GemWay's Games HUb. Get the stuff here!
  • Faulty Flight Deck sign flickers between showing Flight Deck 256 and Flight Deck 000
  • Contains 5 floors
Flight Deck 413 The T-Games Super Player - A Multimedia Console for LBP3
Flight Deck 461 T-Games Studios - What are they?
Flight Deck 482 The T-Games NeXT Generation Goodies!
  • Contains 4 floors
Flight Deck 707 SP_Sour's Junkyard of Scrapped Ideas
  • Situated directly below Flight Deck 46B
Core Deck 5662 Billy Anderson's laboratory
  • A fictional mock-up of the deck features in Tremors

The StudiosEdit

The Studios are big sections of the ship used for Shows and Levels.

Some levels located within The Studios are: Push the Button!, Tap That!, Larry Da Vinci's 'SkyWheel' and Evergreen Park.

Core DecksEdit

Core Decks are located around the Core of the ship.

The T-Games Staff Complex is located here also, where all of the Staff Flats and Relaxation Centres are located.

In the LittleBigPlanet Level Series "Tremors", the player gets to access the Core Decks, and even get close to the Core itself. These levels in the Tremors series remain the only levels in T-Games history to take place in the core decks.

The LabsEdit

The Labs are contained within the lower-middle area of the ship, and are where all of the experiements and tests take place.

In the LittleBigPlanet Level Series "Tremors", the player gets to access The Labs - specifically Lionfish-swarm29's and Tardisbill's labs.

The CityEdit

On the top half of the Nightstar (above-deck) is The City. The City has never been seen in full detail.

The Pin

The Pin is the tallest building in The City. Nothing is known about The Pin, other than it is the tallest building and that The T-Games Show set is located at the very top.

The Hotel

The small, fat, building to the direct right of The Pin is a Hotel for the General Public. Nothing else is known about this building.

Empty SpaceEdit

There is a lot of Empty Space located within the Nightstar, due to the mass amount of space there is. This space is eventually used for new Studios, Flight Decks, and the like.


Model Number Name Inhabitants Floor Area (m²) Launched Ended service Fate Notes
NASA LIFT-A-Mark I NASA Station 364 "Equity"

NASA, T-Games, UN Moon Division


27th April 2011 27th May 2011 Mechanical failure
NASA LIFT-A-Mark I NASA Station 367 "Evenness"

2011: NASA, T-Games, UN Moon Division, SpaceX

2011-Current: NASA

418,124m² 27th May 2011 29th July 2011 (as T-Games station) Exclusive NASA base Not initially intented to serve as replacement for Equity
NASA LIFT-B-Mark I TBS Nightstar NASA, T-Games 466,848.94m² 29th July 2011 16th August 2011 Destroyed by a meteor shower


TBS Nightstar Mark II NASA, T-Games 489,139.17m² 15th November 2011 20th November 2011 Evacuated after engine failure caused by solar flare Introduced thicker outer-shell to protect against meteor showers
NASA LIFT-B-Mark II TBS Nightstar Mark III T-Games 489,139.17m² 1st February 2012 1st September 2012 Prematurely retired Retired after improved NASA LIFT-C-Mark I model launched
NASA LIFT-C-Mark I TBS Nightstar IV T-Games 550,055.70m² 1st September 2012 18th October 2012 Destroyed by Slave 001 disrupting The Core (as portrayed in Tremors) Major changes to design and major improvments to structural integrity
NASA LIFT-C-Mark II TBS Nightstar V

2013-2018: T-Games

2018-Current: Trixel Creative

550,963.82m² 24th September 2013 N/A Current Model Longest serving station of its kind