T-Pod Logo
The Solar T-Pod logo.
Series Count 1
Initial Launch Date S1E1: The Origins of T-Games
April 10, 2013
Hosted by Billy Anderson
Liam MacBean

T-Pod is the official podcast of T-Games, hosted by Billy Anderson, and Liam MacBean. The Podcast is not themed; it is rather arbitrary. The hosts talk about subjects that are designless in context and may not be related to the company itself.

The series is released via the U-Music Bandcamp website[1].


Series 1Edit

Billy Anderson has stated that Series 1 was more of a test pilot series, rather than a complete podcast.

Episode Number Code Episode Title Status Notes
1 1A The Origins of T-Games Aired
  • Pilot Episode
2 1B Personality Test Aired
3 1D Mental Sharpness Aired
4 1E Manliness Test Aired
5 1C Idiot Quiz Unreleased, T-Radio Exclusive
  • Originally intended to be the third episode in the series, but was removed as there were several interruptions throughout the recording, particularly towards the end.
  • The episode went under intense editing for broadcast on T-Radio but remains unreleased.
  • The episode was only publicly available for listening when T-Radio's test broadcasts were ongoing.

Series 2Edit

Series 2 for the T-Pod was initially planned to be recorded as soon as Series 1 had finished airing, however no official date has been released as to when development of the series will begin.


After their original broadcast, all T-Pod episodes went through intense editing during 2013 in order to become suitable for radio broadcast on the T-Radio service. During the editing process the raw file for a previously unreleased episode, titled 'Idiot Quiz', was discovered and put through the same process in order to become suitable for broadcast. Although the episode and radio edits remain unreleased, they were broadcast for public hearing during T-Radio's testing stages.


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