T-Games Discord server
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Founded June 13, 2017
Founder Billy Anderson
Type Instant Messaging
Status Active
The T-Games Discord Server is an open instant messaging service operated by T-Games on the Discord social media and instant messaging platform. The service launched on June 13th, 2017.


The server has several channels, some of which are not available to the public.


The 'welcome' channel lists rules and information about T-Games and the server, and is not available for the public to post in.


The 'news' channel is open for the public to view, but not post in. The channel is operated by T-Games members and provides regular news updates relating to T-Games and T-Games interests (such as LittleBigPlanet).


The 'twitter' channel posts tweets from the T-Games' official twitter accounts and is updated at regular 5 minute intervals automatically.


The 'chit-chat' channel is open for everybody who has joined the server to post in, regardless of T-Games relation. There is no main topic here, users are free to discuss what they please.


The 'tri-expo' channel is open for everybody to post in, with the topic focused on the Tri-Expo live-streams hosted by T-Games and Trixel Creative.


The 'music' channel provides a space for users to interact with the Music Bot which can play music at request.


This channel is only open to T-Games members and honorary members


This channel is only open to members of the T-Games Team Desk


This channel is only open to members of T-Games and provides a space for discussions about future T-Games creations.

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