T-Games Archives
T-Games Archives 2
Founded October 11, 2013
Founder Billy Anderson
The T-Games Archives are a digital data library aiming to preserve, restore and categorize T-Games Legacy creations, regardless of whether said creations were released. It is the only service to continue operating under the 'T-Games' name after T-Games merged with Trixel Creative in 2018.

Before the T-Games Archives, T-Games had always sought to keep content that was thought to play a significant role in T-Games history, such as levels which may since have been removed from public, the original GameExpo, Quadratum and NeXT consoles and concepts. However, other creations, such as unfinished projects and versions of a game consoles that were not the original nor current versions, were often deleted as normal practice.


The T-Games Archives was initially set up by founder Billy Anderson after GameEx sought to archive their outdated NeXT console installments through a system title 'NeXT Archives'.

Archived ContentEdit

The T-Games Archives restored and preserved large amounts T-Games data, such as the update logs for GameExpo II and Quadratum, and the majority of NeXT revisions. The archives have also recovered information regarding ex-member details, old promotional content and more.

All archived GameExpo, Quadratum and NeXT content (including development consoles, skins and unreleased content) were published in vaults to ensure their archival.

Other T-Games Archiving SystemsEdit

During summer of 2012, T-Games sought to gather all outdated T-Games content with an archiving system titled The T-Games Gallery. The gallery was a showcase level which put on display several pieces of outdated T-Games content that had been collected ever since T-Games' launch in April of 2011. After a short while the level lost popularity, and T-Games deciced to unpublish the gallery.

T-Games eventually deleted the gallery, before first placing the archived content in unpublished levels on T-Games members' earths. The majority of the content (in addition to 'new' content) was then showcased yet again in a gallery level published by Billy Anderson during summer of 2013 as T-Games launched T-Games Scrapyard.

Although the T-Games Scrapyard is still online, it no longer serves as an archive to T-Games. All of the logic within the items on show in the scrapyard gallery was removed in order to support future additions to the level after the launch of the T-Games Archives.

T-Games Data LossesEdit

T-Games has suffered several data losses since creation in April 2011. After data losses have taken place, the T-Games Archives aim to assess the situation and restore as much information as possible, before closing the case.

Date Cause Lost Information Recovered Information
October 2013 Database sold to mobile phone operator without back-ups
  • Users which have used up their T-VIP Bronze Membership
  • Certain users' T-Token Balance
  • Which users have accessed the T-Token System
  • T-Token and T-VIP transactions
  • Inactive T-VIP Members
January 2014 LittleBigPlanet 2 profile corruption
  • Fun Machine console archive
June 2014 Database reset All