Multicolour 1
T-Games logo
Founded 27th April 2011
Founder Billy Anderson
Number of Members 8
Industry Video Games
Status Active
Partners Trixel Creative

T-Games is a team of creators whose primary form of operation is that of video games, which content is served through platforms. It was founded on April 27 2011 by Billy Anderson and has spanned more than 7 years of game content for game communities. It has formed subsidiaries with members and fans.


T-Games was originally intended to be a small network inside the game LittleBigPlanet 2. Users of the network would have their own ID consisting of a microchip with various pieces of logic inside, allowing other creators to restrict a level's access to specific players via a "log-in" screen. This was all created during the 2011 PlayStation Network outage

Prior to the outage, Billy Anderson fell victim to the infamous 'spawn pop' glitch, which prevented players from being able to spawn into LittleBigPlanet levels. At the time there was no known fix for the glitch. Throughout the whole event, Anderson worked on two levels: Push the Button! and another containing all of the work-in-progress T-Games network system. Push the Button! was planned to be the first level to adopt the T-Games log-in point system, but since the kit was not ready at the time, the level only included some T-Games logos.

Anderson then realised that the 'spawn pop' glitch could be reverted by importing an old profile. As a result, he backed up 'Push the Button' level and imported an older profile version - forgetting to back up the T-Games network kit and therefore wiping it. Development continued on Push the Button! and it was eventually published including the T-Games logos.

Anderson then begun to use the logos as a label for his work. As the label was eventually placed on the GameExpo Classic, a project which several people worked on, T-Games became the symbol for the whole team.