T-Games Logo comparison

Graph demonstrating the switch from the original logo (top) to the new, simpler logo (bottom).

Solar was the second design theme of the T-Games logos adopted by T-Games, created by Dillon M. during his tenure at T-Games. The design theme rolled out on the 21st of August, 2013.


Billy Anderson stated that he thought a refresh of the logos was necessary, and held a contest for a new T-Games logo. Dillon used PowerPoint to design the basic T-shape and the outlined circle before submitting it to Anderson. He also designed alternate palettes to be used in different areas of T-Games, such as the T-Games Wiki, T-Pod Podcast, T-Games Sapphire and T-Tokens.

The designs were based off the simplistic corporate movement that much of the tech companies had been moving towards. The subtitle (using the light weighted Segoe UI typeface, unknowingly proprietary itself) was based off the original logo's "-Games" portion commonly seen on the wiki.

After Dillon M. left, the T-Games Archives were created and newer logos for the team were forged copies of the original. After T-Games and Dillon reconciled, Dillon sent in corrected versions of the logos and gave the source files to Anderson, therefore allowing newer logos to be authentic.

2015 refreshEdit

In late 2015 the Solar theme was updated, with a slightly modified main T-Games logo featuring a white background instead of black and a thicker border which was changed to be the same colour as the 'T'.