Music Playlists (11)
Playlist Console Artist(s) Exclusive
LBP1: The Complete Soundtrack GameEx Various No
LBP2: The Complete Soundtrack GameEx Various Yes
LBP2: The Story Soundtrack GameEx Various No
LBP2: The Cintematic Soundtrack GameEx Paul Thomson No
LBP3: The Adventure Soundtrack GameEx Various Yes
LBP1: Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack GameEx Paul Thomson Yes
LBP2: Move Pack Soundtrack GameEx Richard Jacques No
Jeremy Mayne
LBP3: Adventure Time Soundtrack GameEx Tim Keifer Yes
LBP2: Muppets Pack Soundtrack Zolton's Moon (add later) Yes
LBP1: Metal Gear Solid Pack Soundtrack Zolton's Moon Kojima Productions Sounds Yes
Kenneth Young
LBP3: UNDERTALE Minipack 1 Soundtrack Zolton's Moon HFMiles Yes
Christmas Climb! Playlist Zolton's Moon HFMiles Yes

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