MusicPlayer v1.2
Initial Release Date MusicPlayer v1.0
December 24, 2014
Latest Update MusicPlayer v1.2.1
January 10, 2019
Developer Trixel Creative
Level (LBP3) MusicPlayer - An advanced, cartridge-based music player
Creator Billy Anderson
MusicPlayer is a Trixel Creative music player on LittleBigPlanet 3 that was originally created by Billy Anderson with contributions from oO__ArianA__Oo and BicoastalClock, however starting from version 1.2, oO__ArianA__Oo's contributions have been effectively phased out. When the MusicPlayer was released on the 24th of December 2014, PlayStation Network's servers went offline throughout the next three days, to which Anderson removed and re-published the MusicPlayer level in order to give it more initial exposure to the community.

On the 24th of July 2015, the MusicPlayer Hub was made unavailable to the public to "prepare for future alterations to the line". The Hub was made available again without any changes on the 6th of November 2015 in order to highlight Traffic Panic 2: Road Rage!, which became a Team Pick; however, the console is still planned to be altered in the future.

On the 9th of November 2016, the process continued, and the level was made unavailable to the public once again with the same posted reason. During Tri-Expo 2016, the MusicPlayer was advertised with its own trailer which announced a 2017 re-release for the line.

Update LogEdit

Version Number Release Date Change Log
v1.0 24th December 2014
  • Original Release Console
v1.1 28th December 2014
  • Fixed 'Shuffle' displaying wrong Track title
v1.2 9th January 2019
  • Added support for Remote and Playlist control
  • Added Update Log
  • All Console buttons now 100% opacity
  • Added auto-repeat for Next and Previous
  • Added 'Help?' guide to Playlists
  • Added error message when multiple Playlists are present
  • Fixed music not stopping once Playlist is removed
  • Mute button now dynamically displays whether music is muted
  • New interface design
  • New icons
  • Added 'On/Off' button
  • New, more efficient volume control logic
  • 'Mute' now remembers previous volume state
  • New volume control precision with twice as many levels
  • Aligned neon frame correctly and made it dimmer
  • Moved Shuffle logic from Playlist to Console
  • Modified command tags for Next and Previous
  • Fixed tracks activating whilst Shuffling
  • Music volume now resets to MusicPlayer set volume when interface buttons are activated
  • New MusicPlayer and T-Games logos
  • New interface sounds (with fade-ins)
  • Removed volume control sounds
  • Replaced Shuffle logic with SmartShuffle
  • MusicPlayer now knows how many Tracks a Playlist contains
  • Added Follower mover to console
  • Added 'Volume Control Disabler Track'
  • Added 'Timed Track'
  • Re-named 'Playlist Control' to 'Advanced Control Panel'
  • Made Advanced Control Panel user friendly
  • Added ability to disable 'Eject Playlist' option
  • MusicPlayer skips tracks it is not compatible with
  • MusicPlayer skips Selector Outputs if a Track isn't connected (automatically works with SmartShuffle)
  • Fixed all MediaTypes communiating at the same time, allowing for non-compatible MediaTypes to play if within the same Playlist as a compatible one
  • Deactivated tracks when either requesting title or when control interfact buttons are being used, therefore fixing the issue of the thermometer rising when Music Sequenced tracks are being skipped
v1.2.1 10th January 2019
  • Fixed 'Multiple Playlists' error when initially placing a MusicPlayer
  • Replaced Neon Playlist slot with Sticker Panel
  • Altered MusicPlayer buttons to be in Layer 10 to prevent popit cursor clipping with material inputs
v1.3 15th January 2019
  • New touch-sensitive Volume Control interface
  • Moved 'Eject Playlist' to a smaller icon next to the Playlist slot
  • Moved 'Track Info' button
  • Removed 'Mute' interface button as it's now included on the new Volume Control interface
  • Shuffle is now a toggle option, which controls whether the Shuffle option is activated at the end of a track or not
  • When Shuffle is activated, the Next track option functions as the Shuffle function previously did, and the Previous button functions as the opposite.
  • The main console material has been changed to a slightly pinker hue
  • 'Play Next' feature allows users to decide which track plays next
  • Added 'Audio Tweaker Track'