The following is a list of games developed for The NeXT Generation consoles.

There are currently 21 games on this list, with 9 being exclusive to The NeXT Generation line.

NeXT GamesEdit

There are 12 NeXT games in total.

Game Title Developer(s) Exclusive
Pong GameEx

Zolton's Moon

Breakout GameEx No
Block Drop GameEx No
Animal Shooting GameEx Yes
Classic Games Data series GemWay No
Q*Bert GemWay Yes
Dig Dug GemWay Yes
Root Beer Tapper GemWay Yes
Moon Invaders FearsomeClarinet Yes
King of The Hill Zolton's Moon Needs Bugfixing
The Invasion Versus Zolton's Moon Needs Bugfixing

NeXT Ubique GamesEdit

There are 6 NeXT Ubique games in total.

Game Title Developer(s) Exclusive
Pong GemWay No
Breakout GemWay No
Quad-Pong GemWay No
Pong Training GemWay Yes
Pong GemWay No
Q*Bert GemWay Yes

NeXT Basic Games Edit

There are 3 NeXT Basic games in total.

Game Title Developer(s) Exclusive
Root Beer Tapper Remastered GemWay No
Racetrack Training GemWay No
Freakout GemWay Unreleased

NeXT Accesories Edit

There are 3 Accesories in total.

Accesory Name Developer(s) Exclusive
MLG Accesory Zolton's Moon No
Quadratum Adapter GemWay Yes?
"Sentient Corrupter" GemWay No

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