Exploring Minecraft
Exploring Minecraft B1.0 CROPPED
Exploring Minecraft series 1 logo
Genre Let's Play
Created by Billy Anderson
Theme Music Composer Clive Richardson
Opening Theme Holiday Spirit
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 7[1] (2 missing)
Running Time 15-25 minutes
Picture format 720p
Audio format Stereo
Original release 5 August 2013 - 9 August 2013
Exploring Minecraft was a Minecraft Let's Play series created by Billy Anderson and released on the T-Games YouTube channel during August of 2013.

Several series were planned, with each series planning to progress to another major title update for the game. Only part of the first series was recorded, and was done so in Beta 1.0.

In the unreleased 6th episode of the 1st series, Anderson stated that his plan was for each series to last 10 episodes.

Release HistoryEdit

Episode No. Episode Title Recorded Released Length
1 The First Day 2nd August 2013 5th August 2013 15:55
2 The First Night 3rd August 2013 5th August 2013 18:34
3 Mobs & Ore! 5th August 2013 6th August 2013 23:31
4 DIAMONDS! 5th August 2013 7th August 2013 19:09
5 Fixing Things Up! 5th August 2013 9th August 2013 21:06
6 Untitled 6th August 2013 Unreleased 21:12[2]
7 Untitled 8th August 2013 Unreleased 22:04[3]

Unreleased Episodes and Lost ContentEdit

Although audio and visuals for episodes 6 and 7 of series 1 were recorded, they were never rendered into a complete video.

Episode 5 snapshot

Bill's house and farm as it looked towards the end of episode 5.

Episodes 1-5 of series 1 exist in their final rendered form within the T-Games Archives and as private videos on the T-Games YouTube Channel. T-Games has kept hold of the raw audio recordings for the series via the T-Games Archives, however the gameplay footage has since been lost. As a result, episodes 6 and 7 are not able to be fully restored.

The audio file for episode 7 becomes distorted 1 minute and 24 seconds from the end of the recording due to Anderson's laptop overloading.


  1. Although 7 episodes were recorded, only 5 were released
  2. Length of raw audio recording
  3. Length of raw audio recording