"Delta 3000X"
Delta 3000X
Single by Prism
from the album Glitter Clouds
B-Side "Droid Machines"
Released 1 July 2015
Recorded 22 - 23 June 2015
Genre Electronic
Length N/A
Label U-Music
Delta 3000X is the third single from Prism's forthcoming début album, Glitter Clouds.

Delta 3000X was a last-minute addition to Glitter Clouds, as Prism decided that the track 'Droid Machines' did not fit with the album, and therefore needed a replacement. The track was then made a single, with 'Droid Machines' being the B-Side.

Track ListingEdit

Track Title Artist Length Note
Delta 3000X Prism TBA
Droid Machines Prism 2:08 Single Exclusive

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