Fictional Content
This page covers fiction, including events that didn't happen in real life, but are still valid content.

The Core Dimension is an alternate reality that consists entirely of infinite energy in a plasma state.

Experiments and discoveryEdit

The Core Dimension was discovered by T-Games through a series of experiments involving high radiation levels, quarks, and dark matter - ultimately breaking down the fabric of reality and creating a rift into the alternate dimension.

The initial experiments were conducted in a vacuum and therefore disturbances to the rift were unlikely, however provided no means of harvesting the plasma energy eventually used for the CrystalStar energy provider.


Rifts to the core dimension are unstable as energy levels at the rift can very radically in concentration at any point. As a result, several stability systems (and back-up stability systems) are required to be installed. These calculate the amount of pressure being forced into reality as a result of the energy concentrations, and then act upon that with the appropriate reaction. Appropriate actions may consist of lowering or increasing the amount of energy the resistors will support, and the pressure of the space in which the rift is located (hence why CrystalStars are often contained within an air-tight container).

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